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From time to time, some news is so much more exciting than other ones. Even in the online casino business, some news is really interesting. And now it is time for tv series lovers to get one of those ones. Narcos and Vikings, two of the top watched series the last couple of years, are becoming slot games! It has become more and more common with online game developers partnering up with movie studios and such. This is the latest among all these partnerships and one we are really looking forward to.

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Narcos Slot by NetEnt

For all of us that have been watching Pablo Escobar’s adventure in Medellín in Colombia, we can’t wait to see how the casino slot game will look like. The beautiful views of his home city will most probably be a big part of the game. And also, surely, some of the coca plants and weapons that was a big part of his life. Surely the most interesting characters from the series will also be there. Pablo himself, his cousin, mother and wife. We know how much money that constantly flowed around in front of our eyes watching Narcos, so surely there will be big money waiting in this slot game from NetEnt as well! Pablo Escobar was almost like a president in Colombia during the drug wars. If you have seen Narcos you can see that they quite often play card games. One that we can recommend is the card game President. Learn more and visit to find the president card game rules and study its history. It is definitely a game that in some circle of friends are trying to change the name of the game.

Become one of the Vikings player online slots

One of our favorites when it comes to series for the last couple of years is the Scandinavian Viking show that really shows how it was back then. Everything is really beautifully built and created in this show. This is why we think that NetEnt has chosen not only one, but two, perfect series to make video slots out of. When they are getting released we don’t know yet, but it is soon and we can’t wait for is.

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